SANEDI currently reports to the Departments of Energy (DoE). The Minister of Energy is responsible for setting the strategic priorities of the energy sector and hence the key focal areas for SANEDI. The Minister of Science and Technology, is the custodian of R&D in South Africa, and sets the overall R&D agenda for the country‚Äôs state and science based institution. An Energy Research and Development Innovation Advisory Committee (ERDIAC) has been established as per the Ministerial Directive establishing SANERI in 2004.   SANEDI is s a Schedule 3 company in terms of Public Finance Management Act. It is also registered as a private company in terms of the Companies Act and is therefore deemed to be established as a profit-making business, rather than a Section 21 not-for-profit entity. No profits are derived from state funding however.  Ms Adila Osman, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the CEF(Pty) Ltd group of companies,  is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sanedi .