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SANEDI and Science Unlimited make a splash again

by Ms Nosisa Garane

SANEDI and Science Unlimited make a splash again

SANEDI through the Working for Energy programme has again conducted a successful exhibition and Community Outreach during a recent Science Unlimited event at Kwalata in Hammanskraal.

Science Unlimited, is a Science, Maths, Technology and Engineering educational initiative that targets school going children form grade 5 to grade 12 This year it ran from 12 - 14 May 2015. The event consists of more than 70 shows, workshops, lectures, demonstrations, experiments and talks facilitated by South African experts to independent educators. All these activities are curriculum aligned. One of the topics covered under "Health, Responsible and Green Living are: Renewable energy, the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), Greening your community.


Creating awareness about renewable energy is part of the greater mandate of the Working for Energy Programme. As all the WfE projects are now gaining traction and some are near completion it is important that there awareness around these projects is created. The projects have resulted in creating sustainable employment opportunities, community up-liftment, and skills development while improving the quality of life for the low income communities.

SU SANEDI stand2

The exhibition was a huge success and drew a lot of interest from learners especially high school learners. There were also other community groups present like CPFs, Fire fighters, NGO's etc. Riaz Hammid gave a presentation on the Working for Energy programme's mandate and achievements to date. There was excitement from the learners and community members when they learnt that the programme is actually greening on of the Early Childhood Development Centres in their area. The Centre is called Thusanang ECD which has been fitted with Solar Water Heaters, Rain harvesting tanks, Biogas digesters and Efficient Lighting.